Rural Internet Initiative - January 2022 Update

The Rural Internet Project has been progressing over the last year, with many residents wondering when it will be available within their communities.

Below you will find the latest timelines from the Develop NS website ( for each community.

  • Belleville South
    Anticipated Completion: January - March 2022 (Last update: January 2022)

  • Lower Argyle, Central Argyle, Argyle, Argyle Head, Glenwood, Roberts Island 
    Anticipated Completion: February - April 2022 (Last update: November 2021)

  • Lower West Pubnico, Middle West Pubnico, West Pubnico, Upper West Pubnico 
    Anticipated Completion: July - September 2022 (Last update: November 2021)

  • Tusket, Gavelton, Springhaven, Quinan, South Canaan, Morris Island
    Anticipated Completion: January - March 2022 (Last update: November 2021)

  • Wedgeport, Little River Harbour, Comeau’s Hill, Melbourne
    Substantially Complete (Last update: January 2022)
    A list of completed addresses is available on the Develop NS website (

We understand that there is high interest from our residents for this upgraded service, and we thank you for your patience.

Be assured that the project is progressing and we encourage residents to continue to check the Develop NS website for the latest information.

Press Release: Argyle Commits $75,000 Funding For Aquatic Center At Former YMCA Location

The Municipality of Argyle (Argyle), in a special council meeting, committed initial funding of $75,000 towards the restoration of aquatic services at the former YMCA location, currently owned by the Town of Yarmouth. The Town’s decision to purchase this location preserved the opportunity to restore the desired service for our region.

The $75,000 is an initial commitment, focused on the costs of re-opening the former YMCA while considering additional costs of startup and COVID-19 safety protocols. “The cost of operation of the current location is yet to be determined, with many possible scenarios impacting that cost, says Warden Muise. “Our objective here is to get the work started and let our residents and our funding partners know that we are financially onboard.”

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Municipality of Argyle Hiking Badge

Hike badgeThe Municipality of Argyle and Hike Nova Scotia are happy to announce the launch of the new Municipality of Argyle Badge as part of Hike NS’s Hiker Challenge.

The Hiker Challenge is about inspiring, motivating and rewarding you - especially new and novice hikers - for getting out on Nova Scotia’s beautiful trails to start hiking or to hike more. Your reward for completing each challenge is a badge to show off on clothing or backpacks, as well as being listed on the Honour Roll.

Each season there is a prize draw including everyone who has earned a badge in the last three months. Prizes are gift cards generously provided by our partner The Trail Shop. So get your hike on and take the Hiker Challenge! Learn more at Hike Nova Scotia.

Argyle Responds To YMCA's Announcement Of Closure, Welcomes Provincial Involvement

PRESS RELEASE: June 5, 2020

TUSKET, NS, - The Municipality of Argyle was saddened to hear the news of the YMCA Yarmouth Board’s difficult decision to close their doors permanently. As a consistent funder for decades, we were kept informed of the financial challenges the YMCA was facing. Recently, Argyle tripled its funding to $50,000 annually to play our part to aid in their increasing financial pressures.

Alas, the onset of COVID-19 closures was a devastating blow to our local YMCA. Regardless of our past commitment and our current increase in funding, it became clear to Argyle and certainly to the YMCA Board that our municipal efforts would not be enough to reopen their doors.

We recognize also that the financial burden is too large for us to resolve on our own. It will require the effort and the will of other layers of government, the community, and of course the YMCA. We were pleased to see a quick response from our Provincial Government as we seek better solutions to protect an important community service.

“Our Council and our community owe a great deal of gratitude for the YMCA staff and volunteers,” says Warden Danny Muise. “Whether they taught our children to swim, provided a safe haven for children at risk, or fundraised to support the YMCA mission, their value is beyond measure”.

Our Warden and Council will join ongoing efforts to engage the Provincial and Federal Government to aid a regional asset in a funding crisis. As we have stood in support for this service in the past, so shall we continue.

Media Contact:
Alain D. Muise, CAO
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.