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The Yarmouth County Regional Emergency Management Organization (Yarmouth County REMO) has launched a new method for notifying the public of emergencies in Yarmouth County.

Using “Alertable”, residents of the Town of Yarmouth and the Municipalities of Yarmouth and Argyle can now receive instant notifications for emergencies from the Yarmouth County REMO before, during, and after an event has occurred.

Both residents and visitors are encouraged to sign up and use Alertable to stay informed, stay safe and plan ahead. Alertable is free for the public and provides many alerting options including mobile app, text, email, phone, website, social media, home smart speaker, and more. You can also choose any combination that works best for you.

Notifications are fast, reliable, and easy to see and hear. When signing up, you can easily set your location using your home address or postal code. You can personalize notifications by type and severity, and you can choose notifications for more than one location once registered. For example, if your home location is in town, you can also add locations of the District of Yarmouth and the District of Argyle and receive notifications sent specifically for those areas as well.

Please note: if you have already signed up to receive community notifications from the Town of Yarmouth’s Alertable system, you will automatically receive emergency alerts from Yarmouth County REMO as both are using the same system.

Over 1,000 communities across Canada are using Alertable to keep residents and visitors informed and safe. It is proven and capable and has been successfully used in a wide range of emergencies.

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For more information and to sign up today, please visit the REMO website at: