Want to live here?

west-pubnicoSo you want to have a home in Argyle?

Great choice! Whether you choose to live on the shores of the ocean, overlooking one of our many lakes or rivers or nestled in a private little nook of trees, Argyle means stress free living. Most of our communities have corner stores, community halls, and easy access to trails as well as being quiet and safe.

We also have one of the lowest deed transfer tax rates in the province and well as very competitive property tax rates.

Our Property Inspection and Public Works Department is a great first stop after deciding you’d like to own a home here. Contact them by phone at (902) 648-2623 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Building a house

If you are planning to subdivide land or build a house in the Municipality of Argyle, our office is a great place to start this exciting process. We oversee the building permit and subdivision process, assigning a civic number and coordinate the steps from the application process to the final approval. The Building Inspector is mandated to administer and enforce the Nova Scotia Provincial Building Code regulations which the Municipality of Argyle has adopted as required by law. This department is responsible for all new construction, alterations to buildings, relocations, demolition, change of occupancy and any unsafe buildings.

Building permits

Who needs a permit? A building permit is required for all types of construction: building, renovating, demolishing or relocating.

What do I need before I apply?

If your Building is required to have an on-site sewage system, you are responsible to ensure you have approval from the Department of Environment for a new onsite sewage system. It is also important that you inquire about the quantity and quality of water if you are planning to have a private well as a water supply. It is also your responsibility to obtain a driveway permit from the Department of Transportation for your new driveway location.

The Building Inspection Department requires you to provide a set of building plans with such details as the foundation (wall height and thickness and the footings width and thickness), columns, carrying beams, floor joists, bearing walls and roof trusses/rafters. A plot plan is also required with setbacks from any adjacent properties and street lines. On this plot plan you should indicate distances from any other structures that may be on the lot. There are areas in the county that are regulated by a land use bylaw which you should take in to consideration when planning your building and its location.

morris islandHow do I apply?

To apply for a Building Permit in the Municipality of Argyle you must visit the Building Inspection Department at 27 Court House Road in Tusket between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm with the required information. When you apply, you must have the following:

  • a set of building plans
  • a detailed plot plan
  • Department of Environment approval (if applicable)
  • Department of Transportation approval (if applicable)
  • cheque or cash for permit fee

At the time of application, you must pay a permit fee which varies from one project to another, depending on the type of use and construction you are requesting.

How do I get approved?

After your application is completed and all of the above required information and approvals are submitted, it will be reviewed by the appropriate staff to make sure that your proposed project complies with land use, engineering regulations, and the Building Code.

When will my permit be issued?

When all of the required approvals and plans are submitted to the Building Inspection Department, your permit will be reviewed and approved, if found satisfactory, within seven days. Your permit will expire after one year from the date the permit was issued and may be renewed for another year at no charge.

When do I need an inspection?

Provincial Building Code Regulations require a total of five mandatory inspections. It is your responsibility to notify the Building Inspection Department that you are ready for the appropriate inspection, 24 hours in advance.

The Building Inspector will inspect during the following stages of construction:

  1. When footings are in place.
  2. a) When the foundation is in place and before the backfilling has taken place.
    b) Underground plumbing.
  3. When the framing, roof, plumbing and mechanical are in place but exposed for inspection.
  4. When the insulation and vapour barrier has been installed and remain exposed for inspection.
  5. Before occupancy of the building.

Before you move into the new building you are required to call the Building Inspection Department for an occupancy inspection to ensure that all work completed complies with the Building Code and no unsafe conditions exist. This is mandatory!

pubnico lightMunicipally owned home building lots

Ruelle Gardner Lane, Tusket. These large, private, treed lots are found along the Tusket River on the newly constructed municipal road “Ruelle Gardner Lane” in the village of Tusket., 10 minutes from the town of Yarmouth. 

This location offers easy access to the highway, is close to schools and other services. There is one additional lot in this subdivision which has been designated as a green space with a narrow access to the Tusket River to ensure there can be public access to the Tusket River in the future. These lots are serviced with municipal sewer and the road has a gravel surface. For additional information and pricing please call (902) 648-2493 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Birch and Riverside Drive, Plymouth

There are 5 lots available and are located off of Highway 334. Only 10 minutes from Yarmouth, this well established area features large trees and an access road with boat launch area to the Tusket River.

These lots are listed for sale with Debbie Pothier at Boats and Realty, Canada. Debby can be reached by phone at (902) 749-3510 or (902) 748-0446 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Buying a house

The following is a listing of local qualified real estate companies whose agents know our area well and can assist you in your house hunting quest.

  • Boats and Realty Canada - 55 Starrs Road, Yarmouth, NS B5A 2T2.
    Phone (902) 742-9163 Website: www.boatsandrealty.com
  • Future Group Realty Ltd. - 99 Water Street, Yarmouth NS B5A 4P5
    Phone (902) 742-8844 Websit:e www.futuregrouprealty.ca
  • Lakeside Realty Ltd.- 8 Forest Street, Yarmouth NS B5A 3K8
    Phone (902) 742-4600 Websit: www.lakesiderealty.ca
  • The Real Estate Store - 345 Main Street, Yarmouth, NS B5A 1E7.
    Phone (902) 742-9222 Website: www.therealestatestore.ca
  • Victory Realty Ltd. -287 Main Street, Yarmouth, NS B5A 1E3.
    Phone (902) 742-6622 Website: www.victoryrealty.ca
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