Vision / Mission

Vision Statement

We see Argyle as home to a healthy and thriving rural population. Our municipality promotes and supports economic and social opportunities for the region, and engages in the active expression of our unique Acadian heritage. We are a place of choice for rural living and are widely recognized for our warm hospitality and joie de vivre.

Surrounded by fresh air and cool ocean breezes, we work and play in the great outdoors. People choose to live in Argyle because of our commitment to each other, to our community and to our neighbours. Argyle is a place we are proud to call home.

Mission Statement

Argyle will provide affordable traditional municipal services for our citizens. Furthermore, Argyle will provide leadership by being actively engaged with the business community to understand their needs, and facilitate growth. We will create innovative programs to foster growth both for community and industry. We will create an environment where our residents seek our partnership in the projects that matter most, and we will provide the expertise needed to ensure those projects are successful.

We seek to support and instill cultural pride and a sense of place in our communities. Our mission is founded on the belief that our community assets are plentiful, none more precious than its people, and that Argyle’s assets possess the answers to our most difficult challenges.

We will achieve our Mission by focusing on the following goals:


  1. Influence the creation of jobs in Argyle and the region, focusing on community based economic development opportunities, transportation needs and on diversifying our economy;
  2. Population growth, with a focus on: bringing back our youth into our community to work and live; encouraging our youth to stay in our community; and providing age friendly services and promote Argyle as a place proud to call home;
  3. Review and update of current service needs of our residents while controlling costs to our residents;
  4. Promote and protect our established heritage, cultural and community assets and unique blend of Acadian and Anglophone communities;
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