DSC 0454Our entire region is renowned for its vibrant and unique music. Many famous Canadian musicians come from this area, and musical expression is seen as a cornerstone of local culture. Maritimers are known for fiddles romancing us with soft melodies and then exploding into jigs and reels that shake up the desire to dance, sing, or pick up an instrument and join in the fun. In fact, Acadians have their own special word for this—a good party with lots of music is referred to as a "tyme" or a kitchen party.

We want you to cherish and nurture our musical culture and heritage. That's why, during July, August and September, local musicians perform nightly in participating restaurants throughout the area. Visitors are invited to take part, and should look for "Musique de la Baie" performance signs and brochures.

At a Musique de la Baie kitchen party, expect just that—a kitchen party. Informal performances and interactions with the audience are key; and you might even be invited to join in. The traditional and original compositions make for wonderfully diverse repertoires, which in turn keep the performances fresh and entertaining. Entertainment will take place in both French and/or English, depending upon which local community you are in.

Argyle features live musical performances on Wednesday night at the Red Cap Restaurant in West Pubnico, Thursday night at Trout Point Lodge in East Kemptville and on Sunday night at the Ye Olde Argyler Lodge in Argyle. Reservations are required.

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