Fire Departments

There are nine fire departments found within our Municipality. These are made up of dedicated community volunteers who are receive training and upgrading certification to assist them in the valuable work that they do.

If you are interested in volunteering as a fire fighter or being part of an auxiliary to assist with fundraising events, please see the following:

Amiraults Hill / Hubbard's Point Fire Department
Attn: Jason Bourque
Tusket, NS
B0W 3M0
Phone: 902-746-0928

East Pubnico Fire Department
Attn: Joe d'Eon
Lower East Pubnico, NS
B0W 2A0
Phone: 902-748-0220

Eel Brook & District Fire Department
Attn: Jonathan LeBlanc
493 Belleville Road
B0W 3M0
Phone: 902-648-7682

Islands & District Fire Department
Attn: Jamey Boucher
1478 Hwy 308
Tusket, NS
B0W 3M0
Phone: 902-648-8271

Kemptville & District Fire Department
Attn: Bruce Gates
146 Polly Rd
Kemptville, NS
B5A 5P5 
Phone: 902-761-2683

Lake Vaughne Fire Department
Attn: George Emin.
P.O. Box 137
Tusket, NS
B0W 3M0
Phone: 902-648-3367

Quinan and District Fire Department
Attn: Aaron Pottier
6633 Highway 308
Tusket, NS
B0W 3M0
Phone: 902-746-4642

Wedgeport & District Fire Department
Attn: Steven Jacquard
RR#1 Box 2460
Arcadia, NS
B0W 1B0
Phone: 902-663-4644

West Pubnico Fire Department
Attn: Gordon Amiro
P.O. Box 173
Lower West Pubnico, NS
B0W 2C0
Phone: 902-762-2098

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