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COVID-19 Information

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Municipality of the District of Argyle

COVID-19 Information

Municipal Services - Updates

Last Update: April 6, 2020

General Update

The Municipality of Argyle is taking precautionary measures now to prevent the spread of CORONAVIRUS. As of Wednesday March 18th, all municipal offices will be closed to the general public, including the administration building, courthouse, archives, storage facilities and treatment plant facilities.

The Municipal staff will continue to work for its residents either remotely or in smaller numbers at the municipal office. Please note the following:

  • Phone lines will remain open and will be answered by staff
  • All staff will continue to have access to their municipal emails.
  • All municipal related, non-essential travel outside the County is suspended indefinitely.


  • We encourage you to follow our the Recreation Department's Facebook page for recreation activities and department updates at
  • All recreation programming and activities has been cancelled until further notice.
  • Due to the declared Provincial state of emergency, the following municipally owned sites are closed until further notice:
    • East Pubnico Bike and Walking Park
    • Parc des Jeunes (Wedgeport)
    • East Kemptville Ballfield / Recreation Complex
    • Tennis Courts (Wedgeport / West Pubnico)
    • Hipson Bridge Rest Area
    • Tusket Ballfield
    • Quinan Multi Purpose Court
  • Trails Use: We are noticing that many trails are busy only at certain times of day. To protect yourself and others, if a trail seems too crowded to practice social distancing, please choose another time of day to exercise.
    • Only use trails for exercise, not socializing.
    • Groups shouldn’t exceed 5 people
    • Only use trails that are open and in your own neighbourhood. If you have to drive to get to a trail, please don’t go there.
    • If you are on a trail in your community, please remember to maintain a distance of at least 2 metres (6 feet).


  • Bill payments can be made:
    • At your banking institution
    • Using online banking
    • Mail a cheque
    • Cheques may be brought to the Municipal Office and placed in our secured Drop Box
    • By phone (902-648-2311) or on our website using a credit card. (  ** Please note that there is an additional 1.75% fee for paying with a credit card.
  • Our staff can be reached at 902-648-2311 for taxation or any financial services. The office of the CAO can be reached at the same number.


  • Under a Declared State of Emergency, the Minister has directed municipalities to discontinue holding their meetings in person, and instead only hold virtual meetings by video or telephone. These meetings must be recorded, and the minutes posted on a public website within 24 hours of the meeting. For the time being, all municipal meetings held will respect this directive.

Property Inspection and Public Works

  • Building inspection services shall continue, and you may book an appointment with John Sullivan at 902-648-2623.
  • For emergency wastewater needs, please contact Hans at 902-648-2623. Maintenance of wastewater and outdoor facilities will continue as per usual operations.
  • All non-essential services, such as noise bylaw or other enforcement, shall be reduced, in favor of more critical municipal services.
  • Please refrain from flushing wipes

Senior Safety Program

  • Our Senior Safety Coordinator, Peggy, will no longer be making house visits; contact shall be done using telephone 902-881-4099 / 902-648-4433 or other methods.
  • Senior safety will assist with delivery of essentials (i.e medications / food)

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