Council Priorities

On February 22 and March 19, 2018, members of Council met to develop priorities for 2018 in an effort to provide clear direction to the community and staff for the next 12-18 months. Council is guided by its strategic plan objectives and integrated community sustainability plan in setting its annual priorities. 

The following document highlights the top 5 objectives for the year ending March 31, 2019.


Council PrioritiesCouncil Priorities


Municipal Administration Building


In October 2013, Council discussed the inaccessibility of the municipal building and decided in November 2015 to consult the public to help them make a final decision on its future; whether to renovate, build new or do nothing. In January 2016, a survey was released to the public via our Facebook page, our website and in paper and public meetings were held in various communities. As the overall consensus (90.13% of the survey respondents) of the survey results and public opinion at meetings was to build new, Council decided to move forward with the construction of a new building.

Since that time, a Building Committee including 3 Council members, 3 staff members and 3 community members has been overseeing the project and making recommendations to Council. Council, following the committees recommendations, has chosen a location and the architectural firm Wild Salt Architecture to lead the design and construction of the building.

In 2018, Council commits to:

1. Complete the tendering process to select a suitable contractor.
2. Begin construction of the new administration building.


Improved Rural Internet Service

One way to support local businesses and provide better services to our residents is to increase the internet service quality in the municipality. The provincial Broadband for Rural Nova Scotia (BRNS) project has helped connect thousands of Nova Scotians tobasic high speed Internet service since being launched in 2007 however many residents in our municipality still do not have adequate internet service.

As a quality internet connection is vital in today’s business world and many government services are now accessed online, it is imperative that all residents and businesses have the opportunity to connect to a reliable, high speed internet connection.

In 2018, Council commits to:

  1. Secure a business plan using data gathered from the housing survey that supports affordable/alternative housing development in our Municipality.
  2. Consider land use planning changes to accommodate new development.
  3. Secure at least one developer that commits to the construction of alternative/affordable housing.
  4. Assist in securing federal and/or provincial funding to support the housing development.
  5. Commit to financial supports that incite developers and contractors to invest in affordable/alternative housing in Argyle

Dangerous or Unsightly Premises

The enforcement of unsightly premises is a challenge for many municipal units in the Province and abroad. For some time, The Municipality of Argyle has been trying to develop an innovative process which combines the traditional enforcement method with a more empathetic assistance program.

In December 2017, Argyle hosted a forum with several levels of government, the public, healthcare professionals and representatives of the construction industry, to determine major driving factors of unsightly premises and develop a policy and procedure that achieves our goal of making the process more helpful to our residents.

In 2018, Council commits to:

  1. Creating a Unsightly Premises committee to assist the policy Administrator in assessing unsightly premises.
  2. Earmarking additional funds to address unsightly premises through the demolition, clean up or repair of properties



 Wedgeport Wastewater Project

Last year, the Municipality of Argyle launched a pilot project based on a background report provided by ABLE Engineering, which indicated that the installation of a central collector system would not be feasible for the Village of Wedgeport and individual on-site sewer system replacement would be a more suitable alternative solution.

The pilot project was a success and saw 41 properties receive new systems. However, there are still some systems that are failing and creating environmental hazards or do not follow current environmental sewer standards and are polluting waterways, rivers and other natural environments. Due to the success of the project, there are 50 properties on a waiting list for another phase of the project.

In 2018, Council commits to:

  1. Complete the final 2 properties of phase 2 of the project.
  2. Identify problematic systems which may require mandatory replacement.
  3. Apply for federal and provincial funding to move onto phase 3 of the project and install more new systems.


East Pubnico Water Utility Project

The Municipaliaty maintains and monitors the water delivery system and usage meters for the East Pubnico Industrial Water Utility. This system supplies water to three fish plants and to 3 water hydrants for the East Pubnico Fire Department. All water used is paid for by the fish plants and is not intended for domestic use.

The current tanks are at end of life and require replacement in the near future. The Municipality has met with the users to establish a plan but preliminary inspections and funding research has to be completed before moving forward.

In 2018, Council commits to:

  1. Examine the Pope’s Road water utility location and recommend a plan of action to Council to replace the tanks.
  2. Submit a request for federal funding to replace the tanks on the Willett Road.
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