Boating in Argyle

The Municipality of the District of Argyle welcomes you to experience our coastal waters. The many peninsulas, inlets and rivers as well as the 230+ islands are a thrill to exploWhitehead4 Alixre. Picturesque lighthouses and sea shanties on the Tusket Islands, as well as the impressive fleet of 50 foot lobster boats docked at the commercial fishing wharves show how important the fishery was and still is to this area. Fill your lungs with the clean ocean air; come visit our calming waters and leave your busy life at home.


Our coastline is dotted with commercial fishing ports, a testament to our water’s rich stocks. In the 1800s, the Tusket Islands were a bustling fishing community with lobster canaries, a barber, tanner, forger, cobbler and a post office. These islands continue to be a base for lobster fisherman fall through spring, and are enjoyed as summer homes in the off season. At present day, the majority of the landings are made up of herring, lobster, flounder, alewife, halibut, tuna and pollock.

A licence is not required for angling in tidal or salt waters. See for regulations.


All of our lighthouses are now automated and de-staffed. The six lights are still in fair condition and serve as a reminder of the dangers of braving the seas in years gone by. These beacons are located at Pubnico Harbour, the Historical Acadian Village of Nova Scotia, Whitehead Island, Big Fish Island, Peases Island and Candlebox Island.


Gray and harbour seals are a common sight; harbour porpoise are regular in summer; minke whales, sunfish and dolphins can sometimes be seen. Bald eagles and osprey build large nests on tree tops and are often soaring overhead as they produce a high pitched sound that seems more appropriate for a much smaller bird. Atlantic puffins breed at a minimum of three colonies in the area, namely Round & Noddy Islands in the Mud Island group and Green Island which is directly south of Cape Forchu.

Where To Go

The map below shows a number of points of interest as well as a few suggested routes. These routes are examples of where a pleasure craft with a draft of less than 2.5 feet should be able to navigate at high tide. Navigate at your own risk and plan all trips according to tides and weather. See a full screen version of the map.

Safety & Regulations

Marine charts are available at Vernon d’Eon Fishing Supplies Ltd and Carl’s Store (8175 Hwy 3, Tusket). Smartphone apps exist for multiple platforms. Finally, there are the dedicated navigational devices. Always carry a compass in case of electronic equipment failure.

A licence or registration is mandatory for all pleasure craft with motors of 10 horsepower or more. The Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations require all operators of pleasure craft fitted with any type of motor to carry proof of competency on board (

Respect for the ocean is required for a safe and pleasant day on the water. Check marine forecasts and take extra care when boating in locations with string currents or during days with fog. We are located at the beginning of the Bay of Fundy, and therefore, we experience tidal ranges up to 3.7 m (12 feet). Tide predictions are available at and on the various smartphone apps.

Wharf Facilities

The table below lists all major wharf facilities and associated amenities in the Municipality of Argyle. If you would like more information or would like to enquire on berthing fees, please contact the appropriate wharfinger.

Wharf  Wharfinger Amentities
Dennis Point
193 Dennis Pt Rd

Lower West Pubnico
Floyd d'Entremont
+1 902 648 4629
cement ramp (not usable at low tide)
electrical outlets, floating dock (during summer), berthing fees apply.
Abbotts Harbour
444 Abbotts Harbour Rd

Middle West Pubnico 
Maurice d'Eon
+1 902 740 5350
cement ramp, electric winches, berthing fees apply.
Camp Cove
84 Camp Cove Wharf Rd

Lower Argyle
 Andrew Porter
+1 902 648-4566
cement ramp usable at all tides, floating dock, electrical outlets,
three 2000 lbs winches, porta-potty, berthing fees apply.
295 Nicholas Rd

Lower Wedgeport 
 Vernon Pothier
+1 902 740-4738

gravel ramp (unusable at low tide), floating dock, electrical outlets
winches, waste oil depot, berthing fees apply.

86 Tuna Wharf Rd

Lower Wedgeport 

Vernon Pothier
+1 902 740-4738

gravel ramp (unusable at low tide), floating dock, winches,
berthing fees apply.
Little River Harbour
54 Little River Harbour Wharf Rd
Little River Harbour
Franklyn O'Connell
+1 902 663-2395
gravel ramp (unusable at low tide with larger boats), 1 public winch,
berthing fees apply, waste oil depot, electrical outlets.
Sluice Point
1769 Highway 308
Sluice Point
Jacques Surette
+1 902 746-0859
Surettes Island
1136 Tittle Rd
Morris Island
Gordon Surette
+1 902 648-3412
Morris Island
4 Highway 308
Morris Island
 Gordon Surette
+1 902 648-3412
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