Beaches / Shoreline

IMG 3019 1Many of our coastlines are completely accessible for exploring and of course are open 24 hours for your viewing pleasure! We have a beautiful sandy beach in Comeau's Hill. Take Route 334 then turn right on the Melbourne Rd. turn left onto the Comeau's Hill Road and drive approximately 15 minutes. You'll pass through Little River harbour which is the home of Nova Scotia's Provincial dog- the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever formerly known as the Little River Duck Dog.

Being located at the beginning of the Bay of Fundy, we experience tides throughout the municipality ranging from lows of 0.6 m (1.9 feet) to highs of 4.7 m (15.4 feet).

The tides influence daily life in our area, from picking your spot on the beach, designating when the fishing industry can go to work, and even changing the weather. Beachcombing for treasures like driftwood and beach glass is great outdoor fun for the whole family. The tides change approximately every 6 hours, so you will see two low tides and two high tides during one 24 hour period.

To find out the times for low and high tide during your visit, go to Fisheries and Oceans Canada . There, you can input the community names and dates when you’ll be here, and a tide table will be generated.

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