Administration Building - New, Retrofit or No Change?

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Administration Building, New, Retrofit or no change – We want to hear from you!

front buildingThe current condition of our administrative building has been a source of conversation for some time. In 1998, an initial study was made on the building and there were improvements made as a result. At the same time, Council of the day decided to put $100,000 aside each year, expecting a larger project would be required in the future. This project is one of nine on our long term capital plan.

 A quick overview of the current limitations of the administrative building

  • Lack of wheelchair access on either floor
  • Numerous code violations, including lack of adequate fire separation, insufficient ceiling height in the basement, insufficient and inefficient wiring, heat, and lighting
  • Insufficient parking space, paving requires re-work
  • Insufficient storage and office space

The following represents a brief overview of the three options that Council is considering:

Build new

In looking at current space requirements, a new building would be sized between 8,500 and 9,000 square feet. Using our engineer’s estimates, the total cost is predicted to be between $2,235,500 and $2,367,000. A new building would have a useful life of at least 60 years, so the cost over the life of the building is estimated at $37,500 to $39,500 per year. We have estimated also that the annual savings in heat and energy costs in a new building would be $6,000 to $8,000 per year.

A new building could be located at the same address, or relocated elsewhere in Tusket. Council has chosen Tusket due to its central location, and the fact Tusket is served with a central sewer system. The Municipality owns land in the Business Park it could use, or alternatively could purchase land if a more appropriate site was selected. It is likely that the old building would be demolished unless it could be sold to a suitable purchaser.


Retrofit existing

side building

Due to the fact that the building is considered an Assembly Building (due to it being a public building), any significant retrofit to the building will require all codes to be met. What this means is that we will lose access to the basement for office space (can be used for storage). The entire building would have to be wheelchair accessible where offices and services are present. A retrofit would also require an expansion due to the lost space in the basement.

Using our engineer’s estimates, the total cost is predicted to be between $1,750,000 and $2,100,000. The expansion would have a useful life of 60 years, but the retrofitted building is still an older building, with estimated useful life of 20 years. The cost of the retrofit over the life of the building is estimated at $58,350 to $70,000 per year.

 Take no significant action

This option does not address the structural or space limitations of the building. It simply delays the decision to a future date. The building code issues exist, but the current structure is grandfathered so the new rules do not apply until a significant retrofit is made.

 How would a new or retrofitted building be paid?

Whether a retrofit or new build are chosen, the Municipality has set aside sufficient funds for this project. This project will not result in an increase in tax rate. 



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